Our Story

Wilder Painting, LLC was first established in 2013 when the sole owner, Andy Wilder moved from California to Louisville.

Andy was born and raised in San Jose, CA and has 15 years of experience in the painting industry. He started working part time for his dad's painting business straight out of high school until he later became a partner of the company, where he was able to take on more responsibilities and understand the business on a deeper level. 

He later moved to Louisville to escape the high cost of living (and traffic) in California. He literally sold everything he owned, bought a one-way plane ticket and moved with only his suitcases full of clothes and his dog, Stella. 

Only a few short weeks after moving Andy had a vision and decided to start his own business, which is now Wilder Painting, LLC, and is one of Louisville's most loved painting companies. Not only is Andy an expert at his craft, but he has an impressive understanding of the business side and knew exactly how to start growing. 

By the end of the first Month living in Louisville, Andy had searched every single Realtor he could find and sent out over 700 emails letting them know he was available for any interior or exterior painting work. 

Fast forward 5 years: Andy has a 2 year old daughter, Jojo, who is his biggest motivation. Andy has grown Wilder Painting into a fully operating painting business in Louisville with several crews, offering services in all facets of the business. They specialize in residential painting and kitchen cabinet refinishing but are able to take on larger commercial projects as well. These Louisville Painters strive to exceed all expectations in and outside of your home.